affair at the jupiter hotel

Transient Decor (on the road again)
Curated by Stuart Horodner and Saul Ostrow

'This room offers itinerant decorating tips by replacing the Jupiter Hotel's
furniture and furnishings with "surrogates" provided by artists.' -SH

Undress for Success

Bedding Installation: suggestive white leather pillows with detachable 'pearl necklace' and 'map of france'
applique and a set of royal purple satin sheets, embroidered in gold with an inspirational message.

stuart horodner marne lucasmarne lucas rachel hightower
Marne Lucas and model Rachel Hightower, Curator Stuart Horodner and ML, Jupiter Hotel

model rachel hightower
This commemorative image 'Pearl Necklace'
was shot on location at the Jupiter Hotel. Available as an edition of 25.

Model: Rachel Hightower. Additional images from this series here.