Behind The Scenes

Special Thanks to all of the artists who participated.

Marne Lucas self portrait Tom Cramer
ML with Tom Cramer
Bernadette Spear Molly Vidor
Molly Vidor & Bernadette on set
Bernadette Spear Paul Green
Stylist: Bernadette Spear & Paul Green, Eastern Washington

Bruce Conkle
Assistants:artists Bruce Conkle & Cowboy

Special Thanks:
Kurt Ehrler (location & assistant), Bob Hill at Loprinzis Gym, Jenan,
Lee Musgrave at Maryhill Museum, Valley Ice Arena, Sauvie Island Corn Maze,
The Seattle Public Library, Holocene & Tim Ferrel, Whittaker Highschool

Ray Henders
Custom Printing:
Ray Henders @ Rayographix (NYC)

Jonelle Couvalt

-more on set photos-