Savage Art Resources
April 14 - May 14, 2004
A group show curated by Stuart Horodner

Card Image: Detail of Spew, Tony Tassett, 1994

Michael Bise
Daniel Duford
Leon Golub
Marne Lucas
Sarah Massecar
Barbara Pollack
Tad Savinar
John Sparagana
Tony Tasset

The exhibition brings together compassionate and critical artworks that address the complexities of living in the world today. It features works by etablished and emerging artists in sculpture, photography, video, drawing, and installation.
"State of Affairs is a mood ring of a show. It's about the social and political mess we are in and what we make of it...recognizing shifts between anger, intelligence, humor, joy, cynicism, and hope. It's about desire and conflict, and creative actions by young artists you've never heard of, and familiar ones who are always relevant." -Stuart Horordner

MLSP 1997-2004
35 framed 4 x 6" self portraits taken in reflections and mirrors over a seven year period.

ML, artist Henk Pander & mother Christina at reception