Sexy Teen Girls Drink

GOMI Vodka's 'Sell Out' exhibition

Gallery 500 October 18-21, 2005

Four artists were chosen to make Gomi product-related art to launch a series of art shows.
'Gomi Teen addresses the rise in teenage girls drinking habits
and the advertising marketingof alcohol to their age bracket.

Gomi Teen close up view

Bottle, vodka, teen bra & panty set,
glitter, fabric paint, ink, rhinestones

Gomi Teen back view of bottle

installation view

In a shift since 2002, adolescent girls are drinking more than boys. The average age of girls first drink is now 13, according to studies by the CDC and the AAP. The seductive marketing of alcoholic beverages through television, radio, billboards, internet and magazine ads target the teenage girl population with messages of sexual empowerment and popularity; to be sexy is to drink

One of the reasons girls are surpassing boys in alcohol consumption is linked to the higher stress levels that girls experience during puberty. Low self esteem, poor body image, boredom, peer pressure and the pressure to perform sex can lead girls to drinking alcohol as a brief escape. 'Feeling sexy' and 'not caring' are cited by teens as desired effects of alcohol. The cultural, sexual norm of 'hooking-up' for casual sexual encounters are preceded by binge drinking, leading to risky sexual behavior leading to STD's, early sexual intercourse, date rape and unplanned pregnancy.