'Danzine Retrospective'
Art + Video Installation
Curated by Teresa Dulce and Marne Lucas

The 'Danzine Retrospective' is an important show celebrating ten years
of healthcare and art through the efforts of the non-profit organization Danzine.

May 18 - June 25, 2005
Art Gallery of the Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue @ 34th Street

'at the mercy of others: the politics of care'
curated by the 2004/05 Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellows
of the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program

at the mercy of others

At the Mercy of Others: The Politics of Care

"This exhibition takes "care" as an important social keyword
and explores the many dimensions of the concept."

Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellows:
Sasha Archibald
Sarah Lookofsky
Cira Pascual Marquina
Elena Sorokina

Eleanor Antin, Robert Blanchon, AA Bronson, Sophie Calle, Teresa Dulce and Marne Lucas of Danzine,
Alia Hasan-Khan, Alfredo Jaar, Mike Kelley, Mary Kelly, Elena Kovylina, Kristina Leko, Joanna Malinowska, Annette Messager, Christian Philipp Müller and Jane Johnston, Yoko Ono, Adrian Piper, and Ernest Truly, Danielle Brans, Sean Smith.

'Danzine Retrospective'

Art + Video Installation

Danzine 17 cover

Creative in both health programming and in public awareness promotion, the non-profit organization Danzine hosted numerous art shows, film screenings and cabaret style events to promote it's mission statement.
A subtext of Danzine's mission might be
"Art + Health = Danzine".

Danzine logo

Fishy, Dawn J., Christina LeBlanc-Stanley, Lara Lee, Scott Nasburg, Arnold Pander, Leslie Peterson, Bryan Pollard, Suzanne Shifflett, Stosh, Sean Tejaratchi, Melissa Tremblay, Ernest Truely, Gina Velour, Kristin Yount and many others.

This group show features the health programs and their inception which foster a strong sense of community. The art works of sex workers, drug users, health care providers and those who love them, add beauty to our challenging world of at-risk populations.

This installation recreates 'Switzerland', a neutral space within the Danzine agency where one could retreat to a small beautiful room to read, watch videos, take a time out.

From the Danzine Archives come paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, collage, covers of the publication danzine, framed film festival and benefit art auction posters, books/pamphlets on harm reduction such as syringe exchange, overdose prevention and safer sex, safer sex supplies, gear, press books, post cards and the last Danzine T-shirt.

A video installation by Teresa Dulce includes news footage from live performances at City Hall in 2000, and the Portland Bad Date Line.

Danzine Curators Teresa Dulce and Marne Lucas
Co curators Teresa Dulce and Marne Lucas

Danzine would like to thank all of its volunteers, funders and peers served for their past support.